We Have Tile! Installation Starts Today!

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We are so excited to announce that Feed Our Babies USA received the tile today! Jesus and his dad are beginning the install today and are expected to finish tomorrow.

This Saturday, FOB is hosting our 2nd Produce on Wheels event in the parking lot of the Pantry. This event is open to the public to purchase 60 lbs (this is not a typo) rescued fruits and vegetables for only $10. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Programs of the Pantry. Event is from 6 – 9 am. Come by and tour the progress on the Pantry!

6 days left on our Pantry Campaign. The funds help to revamp the Pantry so that we can inventory produce (received from organizations such as Produce on Wheels) to provide families with fresh foods throughout the month. A portion of the funding will fix the electrical wiring so that we can run our freezers and refrigerators safely.

Thank you in advance for your donations!

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